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My name is Lisa, and I am the owner of Appleton Area Pet Sitting.    Here is a little peek into my life and why I am a Pet Sitter.   I have adopted and rescued many different kinds of pets during my life from dogs and cats to a salamander that I snuck home inside my shirt from a potato field when I was 12 years old.  Don't forget the chicken that I hatched in a science class at school and then brought home.  My Mom wasn't too happy about the chicken but she did let me keep him for a while before we took him to a farm to live.  My most unusual pet was a sugar glider named Jedna that enjoyed a long life of 11 years with me.  My friends would joke that they were grateful that I didn't charge them admission when they came over. 
These days I am the Mom to two dogs and a cat that thinks he is a dog.

I had my own pet sitting business before pet sitting was even really acknowledged.  While I was working and attending college to obtain a degree in business,   I did pet sitting for family, friends, and neighbors.  I was the best one to call and everybody knew it.   Word spread to co-workers, friends of friends and friends of neighbors, but I was not able to pet sit as much as I wanted to back then because of my professional and educational goals that I was involved in.  Over the years I have applied my education to various positions involving all kinds of pets and their care.  Today my achievements are known as Appleton Area Pet Sitting.

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My past only partially includes over seven years with a global leader in premium pet foods company as a front line representative and a few years being employed by another well run pet sitting business with high standards.  Throughout the years I never strayed from the element of involving pets. Having that passion for pets and professional business, I took almost two years to research, decide, and really plan how I wanted everything to be before starting my own business.   It was a natural progression for me to blend those aspects of myself into a rewarding career where I can demonstrate what I love and I am great at.  Sure, I could be making more money doing something else with that college education as some have said, but I am happy doing what I do, and pets across the Fox Valley couldn't be happier either! 
Appleton Area Pet Sitting was even chosen to serve as a mentor for another woman before she started her own similar business.
Largely due to recommendations by our clients, the professional services of Appleton Area Pet Sitting have become very popular.  
I am proud of the very special Pet Sitters that I have chosen to join me in raising the standards of professional pet care. Because I only want the best of the best on my team, everyone has been checked and verified to have a clean background and no criminal history. All references have been verified by myself and I am totally confident in their abilities which have also been proven time after time. I have also taken the time to personally train everyone to ensure that they understand and uphold my high standards of pet care and customer service.  We are all dedicated animal lovers with professional pet care as our full time careers. The good communication that we have between us keeps us closely knitted and it's easy to step in for one another if need be. Our interests are undivided, we know what we excel at, and we aim to be the best at it.
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If I can trust my chosen Pet Sitters with my own pets and home, then you can, too.   I'll be the first to admit that I am a picky person, and I would not let just anyone represent me or Appleton Area Pet Sitting unless I had absolute faith in them.  Jenny has been with me for over four years and has built an excellent reputation with our clients.   Keith's communication skills both with people and pets are first-class and he has been very adaptable to everything he has encountered over the years.  Mary is semi-retired and very conscientious in all that she does.  We would have more pictures if SOME people weren't so camera shy.


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Too many people wake up one morning and suddenly decide that they want to be a Pet Sitter and "make money by watching cute puppies and kitties play all day".   Appleton Area Pet Sitters are not those kinds of people.  We know that our jobs are much more involved than that and require skills.  Because of our knowledge, there have been several occasions where we have noticed health issues with a pet that the owner was not aware of.  Although we are very observant, we do not in any way substitute for a licensed Veterinarian, but my sister happens to be a licensed Veterinarian who is on call for us should we need her advice.  We take our responsibilities seriously and all of us have life long hands on pet care experience. 
I mean that not only as being pet guardians ourselves, but more importantly from previous real life past positions working with other peoples' pets on a business level. 
Our years of commitment demonstrate our desire to be the best at what we do.

And that's not all.  On a continuing basis we take advantage of educational opportunities to make sure that we are providing you with the best care and service possible.   We have plenty of qualifications which partially include being certified as Professional Pet Sitters, completion of pet first aid/CPR courses, and other structured courses designed for professionals in pet care. We have been upstanding members of several professional business associations that we have found to be beneficial in our serving you, so there is no worry or concern about our competence or our motivation.  We are here to help you and your pets and make your lives easier.  

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We are all Red Cross Certified in pet first aidExotic animal care

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Appleton Area Pet Sitting has a comprehensive insurance policy, is better than bonded, is recommended by local Veterinarians, and preferred by pets.   Our business is conducted with honesty and integrity, and we have plenty of references which we would be happy to share with you.   We are in contact with and network with several other qualified Professional Pet Sitters on a regular basis which ultimately is a benefit to you as well.
The way in which a business is regarded is something that is earned.  Reputations are formed both over time and by volume of actual customers who know first hand how a business operates and the standards that they follow. 

Our excellent reputation has been built on the high quality and dependability of services that we provide, genuine love and concern of animals, attention to details and directions, and also our outstanding customer service that is woven through every aspect of what we do. 
None of us have completely dropped one career to "try something new" by pet sitting, it's something that has been in us cultivated over years and backed up with formal education and real experience. We do not count our experience from when we were kids living at home and our parents asked us to feed the cat or dog. Only real experience where we have provided services to unrelated people within a business setting. 
 Even some of the most discriminating clients have been known to say that we and our services are priceless to them.

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